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Songs Of Love And Loss

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This is a collection of songs I am recording with vocalist Ann Van Canegem and Artie Q.
Like the title says, these songs are about the joy of finding true love, but also about the pain and sorrow that come with losing it again.
The duality in life is something that has always fascinated me very much.
This duality is ever present in everything in this world and in our lives.
It is often seen as good and bad, but strangely it is more than this. Neither one can exist without the other.
How could we really appreciate happiness if we never knew the sorrow of sadness? How would we stand towards life if there was no death...?
Feelings of loss for a loved one can be one of the most intense emotions we have in our lives, it can be almost unbearable, and some of us never recover from it.
However, if you can give it a special place in your heart, and remember and cherish all the good memories this person gave you, perhaps it will make you stronger.
The path towards that is full of sadness, grief, anger, desertion... and whatever emotions that are often referred to as negative.

The songs in this cycle all deal with these “positive” and “negative” emotions.
I hope that they will offer people some joy, consolation and comfort.
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Ann Van Canegem (© Photo Wim Brems)

Artie Q (Robin Thomas Quinn)


Deryn Cullen (Cello)

Mindmovie (Guitar)

Artie Q (Vocals)
Artie Q (Vocals) - Mindmovie (Guitar)
Ann Van Canegem: lead and backing vocals on all tracks except 01, 11 and 13
All music composed, played and programmed by Jef De Corte (guest musicians see track listing)
"On the wind" is the cornerstone song of my international "On the wind around the world" project.
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