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On The Wind

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This is the first song I recorded with Ann, and I was amazed by the emotion she put into the song.
After the cremation of a dear friend or a lover, you have witnessed the ashes blown away on the wind for a new journey you cannot join.
Left alone, the feeling of loss is almost unbearable and you ask the fire if the two of you will ever meet again...

This song is also the cornerstone of my “On The Wind • around the world” project, for which I am asking people from all over the world to create their personal version of the song translated into their own language.
The cello on this version is played by Deryn Cullen from Entropik.

On the wind
You’ve flown away
When you finally met the flames
The fire,  it burned so deep
Took my heart, scorched my soul

Now you’re gone
Far beyond our reach
While your last farewells
Still echo in my dreams
I never knew that morning light
Could be so cold, yet shine so bright

I could run
I could hide
But whatever I do
You would be on my mind
Think of all the good times we had
Your sweet comfort when I was sad

On the wind
Your final flight
From the fire 
Into the light
Fire, will you be my friend?
Will we meet again
In the end?
Fire, you burn so deep
Took my heart
Left me alone, in tears…

Music and lyrics: Jef De Corte
Vocals: Ann Van Canegem
Cello: Deryn Cullen

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