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In The Light Of The Sun

The basic melody of this song is a piano piece I wrote a long time ago, I must have been about 19 years old, and it is one of those melodies you keep on playing through the years.
It was only a couple of years ago that I wrote lyrics for it and turned it into a song.
This way it became actually the first song of my "Songs of Love and Loss" project.
The song is a reflection of a loved one that is gone. The memories linger on but eventually they will fade like the scent in his/her clothes.
And in the long run, all of our lives will be forgotten,
we are only like specks of dust, dancing in the light of the sun...

Although this song has a melancholic undertone, I don’t consider it as a sad song.
It is like when you are looking at the universe and realize your own insignificance in the cosmic scheme, that you can let go and enjoy what you have while you still can...

Early 2014 I created a new version and a video for the song.

Watch and share the video on Youtube.

Play me a song, like a memory
Down by the river of time
Leaves have to fall before new ones grow
And tears ... well, you know ...

Life could be sweet, before that day
When sadness was only a ghost
Now I just barely get through this day
With the fading scent in your clothes

Time brings another new day
And makes memories fade
Lives dissolve in the past
Hold your love while it lasts

Some day all will be gone
While the world just moves on
And all that we are
Is a speck of dust
In the light of the sun


In the light of the sun

Music and lyrics: Jef De Corte
Vocals: Ann Van Canegem


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