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True Love

True about these little moments when you look into the eyes of your lover and realise that this is the person that makes you truly happy, and that you are blessed with the love of your life.

This is true love
This is our love
This is so true
It’s your love
And mine

Take this moment
Caress it in your heart
Make it a memory
For days when we’re apart
Be here, with me
Be here, my love
Because your presence
Turns this moment
In my greatest treasure

Take these words
Shout them out loud
I’ll always hear you
Even when we’re apart
Say them silent
Like a prayer in the night
Feel the power
Of a true love
In your heart

My love
You’re in my heart
Your love is true
True love
You’re always in my heart
It’s our love
One love

Make this melody
The music from our heart
To remember
In times when we’re apart
Sing this simple song
Sing it, with me
Let our true love
Turn it
Into a symphony

Music and lyrics: Jef De Corte
Vocals: Ann Van Canegem
Guitar: Achim Wierschem (Mindmovie)


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