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Threads and Stones

Threads and Stones is a song about how fate suddenly can disrupt our quiet lives at any moment.
When I wrote this song, in my mind I had the image of the Moirae.

The Moirae or Moerae (in Greek Μοῖραι – the "apportioners", often called The Fates), in Greek mythology, were the white-robed personifications of destiny (Roman equivalent: Parcae, euphemistically the "sparing ones", or Fata; also equivalent to the Germanic Norns). Their number became fixed at three.The Greek word moira (μοῖρα) literally means a part or portion, and by extension one's portion in life or destiny. They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal from birth to death. (source Wikipedia)
In other ancient cultures, druids or priest threw stones from which they read the future or fortune.
Hence the threads and stones from the title.

We all live our lives, making plans for the future, dream about our kids growing up, imagining growing old together...
When we hear about people who had a fatal accident, discover they have a terminal illness, die or get injured in some disaster... we realize not to take it all the good things in life for granted.
In the blink of a moment all we care for can be in jeopardy or washed away.
This song is about the duality in life, the way love and happiness are intertwined with loss and sorrow. Two sides of our existence and the main theme of the “Songs of Love and Loss” project.
Our human lives are frail... and if we are wise we cherish our loved ones every day.

Many thanks to the people who collaborated on this song: Ann and Artie Q for their beautiful vocals, and Mindmovie for the amazing guitar tracks.
Also thanks Artie Q, Mindmovie, and my dear friend Henning Backhaus for their valuable feedback in creating and mixing the song.

“... We build ourselves a home, a fortress,
but you know, it’s only made of clay...”

I was looking for an angel
Caught a glimpse in your eyes
I had been lost for so long
Found myself in your arms

You gave me happiness and children
We shared the sadness when it came
We build ourselves a home, a fortress
But you know, it’s only made of clay

Sometimes I’m afraid it could be all gone
Blown to dust
Washed away
All that life has given, can be taken
When threads are cut
And stones are cast

Fate is a merciless killer
Without a name
Without remorse
Fate can strike any minute
Without a face
No one to blame

Threads are cut
And stones are cast
We keep on dreaming
About our plans
Will never know
How much time we have 
No, we’ll never know
The time that’s left

If I had this
If you had that
The “what if’s”
Scream in my head
Will the end come
Soon or late?
No, we can’t foretell
that final day

But even in the darkest moments
I can always think of you
All the love and warmth you give me
A tender blessing for my soul

Threads are cut
And stones are cast...

Music and lyrics: Jef De Corte
Vocals: Artie Q & Ann Van Canegem
Guitars: Mindmovie

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