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This song is about dealing with the loss of a child, perhaps the greatest loss one can ever suffer.
The song was inspired by an article in the newspaper. Roman Drowart told how he was dealing with the tragic death of his 2-year old daughter Luna. She was killed on the streets of Antwerp, together with her Malian nanny Oulemata Niangadou, in a racist shooting.
You can read more about it on Wikipedia.

The lyrics of the song do not mention this tragic incident anywhere, because I wanted to let the song to speak more in general, but I added the sound of a child’s toy to refer to the little Luna.
The song is mostly about the empty space that is left by the loved one that has been taken away so brutally.
The person in the song feels disconnected from the rest of the world, that after the initial shock seems to fall in place again and returns to its normal routine. He/she is trying to give this tragic loss a place in his/her life, and think about the little girl without completely falling apart again. Dealing with the reality that she is gone and only lives in his/her memory, and will always remain a child and never grow up to a young woman.
You have been violated in the deepest parts of your heart and soul, and only restoring the harmony will help you to bring the little girl back home and give her a place to stay until you die...

I dedicated this song to the unfortunate little girl and to all victims of racism and meaningless violence, and of course their friends and families.

Lost and astray
All days seem the same
All days just feel the same
Without you…

And I have never known
That I would miss you so
That I could miss you so
So much more
Than I could know

Winter never came
All seasons seem the same
The seasons feel the same
No more snow
For us to play

The people in the rain
Their faces look away
All faces look away
Don’t want to see
Your empty space

Heart and soul
Heart and soul
I lost my heart and soul
When you were taken
Heart and soul
Heart and soul
I’ll need my heart and soul
To bring you home

I’ll wander in the rain
All days will seem the same
Every day will feel the same
Until my heart
Finds your soul
And brings you home…

Music and lyrics: Jef De Corte
Vocals: Ann Van Canegem


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