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All My Dreams ... for all those days that end in shame ...

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On september 11 2001, like many people that day, I witnessed the attacks on tv. I stopped working, saw the Twin Towers collapse and watched the news until late that night.
A few days later I was playing the piano and the first draft of this song emerged...
From the very beginning I decided that "All My Dreams" would be a song clearly inspired by this tragic event, but then open up to a wider perspective. I wanted to write a more universal song about the individual loss and suffering caused by terror, hate, war and violence. I wanted to focus on the real people behind the numbers of victims and casualties. For each casualty there is a life and a future broken or lost, and a lifelong burden to bear for friends and family.
A lot has happened since then, and it seems that every word I wrote that time is still true for today. This unacceptable shame on mankind goes on and on.
I know a single song cannot change the world but music and art can help us reflect on the fact that we are all human, we care for our loved ones and suffer the same grief when they are taken. The aim of terror is creating fear and dividing people, my way of fighting back is to create music that brings people together...
I hope this song will inspire people in trying to find the answers to make the world a safer place for future generations...
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I invite you to visit the website for the 9/11 Memorial.
I have submitted this song to the Artists Registry.

Who has an answer?

All your dreams
And all you hoped for
Blown away
By a wind of hate
You’ll never know now
No now you’ll never know
How it could have been

All my dreams
And all I cared for
Crumbled to dust 
In just one day
And it haunts me now
That I will never know
Your fear and pain

Who has an answer
When children cry in vain?
Who has an answer
When a father is in despair?
Who has an answer
To so much hate and rage?
Who has an answer
For those killed in God’s name?

Who has an answer
For a mother without her child?
Who has an answer
When the innocent can’t hide?
Who has an answer
To the sorrow and the pain?
Who has an answer
When there’s bombs instead of rain?

Who has an answer
For countless names carved in stone
Who has an answer
For those who never come home?
Who has an answer
For those who’ll wait in vain?
Who has an answer
For all graves without a name?

And all those days that end in shame...

All my dreams
And all I hope for
Is to leave our children
A peaceful place
But now I wonder
If they will ever know
How it could have been

Who has an answer?
Do you have an  answer?
Do you?
Do we?

Music and lyrics: Jef De Corte
Vocals: Ann Van Canegem
Audio mastering: Henning Backhaus

In 1997, a few years before the 9/11 attacks, I visited the Twin Towers with my sister. We had a great time there. We had dinner in the Window On The World restaurant, went to the roof of the other tower and were in awe of the frightening depths...
I think this experience made that I was touched by the horror on 2001 even more.
Below you can see some pictures of that beautiful summer day in 1997...
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