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have been a music lover all my life. I listen to all kinds of music all the time.
When I was young I sang in a boys choir singing classical pieces from Bach, Handel, etc...
Later on, when I was about 17 I started music school and studied organ and piano.
I played in several bands, but most of the time we composed and rehearsed our songs, played one or two gigs and then split... Clashes of ego’s and in some cases interfering girlfriends were mainly the causes of our demise.
Still, we had fun, our music never was a big success.

Then the airbrush came along, and although I kept playing the piano at home, making music faded into the background while I worked on my artist skills and slowly built my graphic company.

Until one time a friend showed me what you could do with a computer and Cubase, and I was immediately hooked.
The idea that now I could be fully in charge of what all the instruments played fascinated me, and soon I was writing songs again.

Then I started looking for a singer, because my own voice is not that good. After a long search dwelling auditions at music academies, I found a fantastic singer in Ann Van Canegem.
The irony was that we knew each other since our childhood, since she was a good friend of my younger sister. I never really thought of her because I knew she was a jazz/blues singer, and my own music is very different.
When we met one day I asked her if she would like to give it a try. A couple of weeks later she came over, I played “On the wind” on the piano, and when she started singing pure magic happened. My wife was moved to tears when she heard Ann sing that song.
Since then we recorded quite some songs in the “Songs of Love and Loss” project.

In the meantime I am also working on my “Relics” project, mostly instrumental music.

Today, I still have no band. All of my music is composed at home using Logic Studio and virtual instruments.
Most of my compositions start from a piano improvisation and from there on I turn it into a full orchestrated piece.
Midi orchestration takes a lot of time (at least for me), and a lot of studying.

However, it can be very refreshing to work with other musicians also, and another point of view can take your music to places you had never thought of. That is why I also do collaborations with other musicians, mostly with people I have met on internet communities like myspace and MI7.
I have had to chance to collaborate with interesting and talented musicians, and some of them became dear friends for life. You will read more about them in my “On The Wind • around the world” and “Dreams Are Buried Here...” projects.

Most of my projects are ongoing and “work in progress” and sometimes the pieces are not mastered and mixed, or even are in a demo stage.
Nevertheless I hope you will enjoy them and if you like them please share your music with your friends.
All the music is available as free streaming from this website, and you can download some of them in the free downloads section.



Below some vintage pictures of my music history... even with hair !
If I find more pictures, I will add them here.

Karin in her studio around 1978



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