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"Requiem For The Faithless" is a project I have been thinking about for several years now.

I have always loved to listen to all kinds of Requiem music.
I was raised as a catholic, and I even sang in a choir for some years. By the time I was about 17 I was very disillusioned about the catholic church as an institute. So, I abandoned it and left religion as a whole for what it was. I didn't see the point in worshipping a God anymore, and you probably could consider me an agnostic since then.
Although religion does not have an important place in my life anymore, I still love to listen to all kinds of religious classical music. I have always enjoyed listening to Bach, Mozart, Handel, Victoria, Vivaldi, Monteverdi etc... This music is so brilliant that you simply have to love it, even when you are an atheist or agonistic.

While working on my "Songs of Love and Loss" and "Relics" project, the idea to write some kind of Requiem of my own started to grow.
I wanted to write something more secular, without the religious references we often find requiem music.

Wether you are a religious person or not, the feelings with the departure of a loved one are generally the same.
Religious people can draw strength from their faith, and feel assured that they will meet the deceased again in an afterlife. However, they can also feel anger towards their God when they question why this tragedy had to happen to their spouse, child, parent, friend... And maybe they feel guilty about that.

Sometimes I think that perhaps dealing with death it is more difficult for people without a religious faith. When you do not believe in an afterlife, the fact that your loved one is really gone forever, is really tough and hard to live with. This idea seems like a very lonely thought to me.
It inspired me for the artwork in the banner above, a very tiny person, in an barren landscape of sea, cliffs and rocks, wandering alone at the end of his world, wondering if there could be something on the other side...

The most important in this matter is that after we died, we live on in other people's memories by the good or bad things we did.
Every time we look at a piece of art, read a book, listen to music, watch a movie... we are in touch with its creator, even if that person died long ago.

I will add new pieces gradually. I do not have an exact plan yet, and I will write about subjects and feelings in this matter that inspire me.
The first piece is called "Exiles" and I was inspired by a radio show by my dear friend Arol Wulf.
Every new piece will be added on its separate page in this project.

I will be writing this music for all people. It does not matter if you are religious or not. Especially in hard and difficult times of loss and sadness, people might put their religious beliefs to the test and become faithless for a while...
This is my Requiem for the Faithless.
I hope some of you will find comfort in it...

If the music inspires you and you want to tell me about it, feel free to write me a message through the contact page.
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The pictures in the "Requiem For The Faithless" project were taken in Ault (France) while we were on vacation. The cliffs in the far background are where Normandy begins. Ault is the area where the first cliffs appear in the landscape and the place is also called "Le Berceau des Falaises", the "cradle of the cliffs". The view is amazing and the light is always changing.


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