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Most of the pieces in my Relics project, started from piano improvisations. Often, the final Relics piece has wandered very far from the original piano music.
On this page I am presenting you some of the music, still arranged, but closer to the pure original form.
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RELICS III - solo piano

An unedited live solo piano recording of "those days are gone".
The pictures are from the abandoned places series by my sister Gerda. The now deserted places where there once was so much activiy fit the theme perfectly.
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While “On the edge of forever” ended up very epic in some parts, the piece it started from was very soft and contemplating...

For this piece I used the beautiful Emotional Piano and Forgotten Voices: Terrie from Tonehammer, along with the Appassionata Strings from Vienna Symphonic Library.
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RELICS IV - solo piano

This is an unedited recording of the solo piano part for the same piece, even more simplyfied.
The photo's in the video are made at abandoned places in the US by my sister Gerda.
You can see more of her photgraphy at flickr.

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Photo © Gerda De Corte
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