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Relics XIII • voices
Almost three years ago I wrote the first version of “Voices” as a new year’s gift for my friends.
Although I liked the sampled vocals I used in it (“Voices of Passion” from East West Quantum Leap), I always hoped that I could record this piece one day with a real vocalist.
Then I met soprano Amethyste (USA) on Myspace and I loved her voice and music immediately.
When we started talking of doing something together this piece came to my mind again.
THe originial piece was written in a short time, and now I took the time to review and rearrange it. I also expanded the piece with an intro, and a short text to read by Artie Q.
Amethyste did a wonderful job singing all three voices I wrote for this piece. She really brings this music alive with lots of positive energy...

Amethyste released 3 CD's in collaboration with German composer Gunnar Spardel. They are now married and live in the USA.
Her fourth album is in production.
You can buy her music at CD Baby.

A short word of thanks:
Of course first of all to Amey, for your wonderful contribution to this song.
Also to my dear friends Artie Q (for lending his voice to the Relics project) and Henning Backhaus (for his valuable feedback on the mixing).
Music and lyrics composed and played by Jef De Corte • Aeronaut.
Soprano voice: Amethyste.
Spoken words: Artie Q.

XIII • voices

voices of love
voices of light
essence of pureness
sacred delight

voices of hope
voices of peace
soft and gentle
like a summer breeze

voices of empathy
and consolation
soothing words
offering salvation

voices of wisdom
and awareness
enlighten us,
we, foolish and careless

voices of passion
blazing with light
make us feel vibrant
intensely alive

voices forgiving
our moments of weakness
voices of justice
for victims of evil

voices of healing
to conquer diseases
voices of mourning
for loved ones
who leave us

voices of joy
for new life and innocence
voices of laughter
in moments of happiness

voices of love
voices of light
make us feel vibrant
intensely alive

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