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Relics XII • distant thunder
"Distant Thunder" is one of the darker Relics pieces.
Our existence is frail, and sometimes the darkness of a life threatening situation enters our world like a rumbling distant thunder...
I created a contrast between the mainly dark atmosphere of the words and the soothing voices of the music.

About the instrumentation:
This piece is my first attempt to use the amazing Tonehammer Requiem Choir.
The piano is Emotional Piano, also from Tonehammer, which has become one of my favorites.
The bass is the Scarbee MM-Bass from Native Instruments and the flute, solo cello and Appassionata Strings are from Vienna Symphonic Library.
The spoken vocals are from my dear friend Artie Q.
Music and lyrics composed and played by Jef De Corte • Aeronaut.
Vocals by Artie Q.

XII • distant thunder

distant thunder from far horizons

flickering darkness
flashing thoughts

silent rumbling, getting closer

awakening our deepest fears

a gnawing fright
will take your breath
and drain your strength

your vision veiled
in clouds of ignorance

we'll fight our battles
day by day

don't be afraid
in times uncertain
I will be there...

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“Distant Thunder” - © Martin Wallgren
The background picture used in the Relics XII cover is from swedish photographer Martin Wallgren.
Martin was so kind to grant me permission to use this amazing and beautiful image on the cover.
For more of his work visit


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