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Relics XI • serenity

serenity |səˈrenitē|
noun ( pl.
the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Old French
serenite, from Latin serenitas, from serenus ‘clear, fair’

I wrote this piece in the end of 2009, this is what I wrote then:
"The end of the year is always a time to look back and forward.
When looking back, we often think about the people who died this year. I have friends who lost their mother, nieces and nephews who lost their father...
Some of the deceased were well know to everyone, like Natasha Richardson, Maurice Jarre, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, David Carradine, Ted Kennedy, Patrick Swayze, Ramses Shaffy, Roy Disney and many others. I was very touched by the suicide of belgian singer Yasmine (Hilde Rens) in june, who’s music I liked very much.
This song is dedicated to all these people, and I hope they found serenity...
This song is also dedicated to all of you...
In our mad rush world, may the new year bring some moments of serenity..."

Music composed and played by Jef De Corte • Aeronaut.
Video production by Murat Sakarya (December 2010).

You can download the mp3 for free from the free downloads page.
Thanks to Murat Sakarya for creating this music video. Serenity is #34 in his "Planet Of Life" series.
I think he perfectly captured the atmosphere of the music with his beautiful images.
You can watch more of his videos via his Facebook page.


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