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Relics IX • elegy for an abandoned dream
When I was a little boy, I always dreamed of being an airline pilot, spending so much time in the air above the clouds seemed amazing to me. However, soon I discovered that, because of my bad eyesight I would never qualify for such a job. This dream was one of the first I had  to give up. 
I still love flying and when I see pilots walking by in the airport I still think, what if...? 
At a young age, I had to alter my goals and now I have become a different kind of aeronaut. These days, I take people on an imaginary journey through my paintings and music. 
Having a dream can be a powerful motivation, and I believe we should all dare to dream, dreams keep us young. 
A man with no dreams will turn old fast. 
On the other hand, one should also be prepared to let go when realizing that a dream is unattainable. Stubbornly pursuing an impossible dream could turn out to be immobilizing, prevent you from growing and make you very unhappy. 
This is an elegy for an abandoned dream... a sad and loving goodbye...
Music composed and played by Jef De Corte • Aeronaut.

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“Clematis, after blooming (detail)” - © Gerda De Corte
The background picture in the Relics IX cover was taken by my sister Gerda.
You can see more of her beautiful photography on her Flickr page.


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