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“Relics” is a a collection of introspective instrumental pieces, with variations on a recurring theme “Relics II” in between.

Some of the pieces contain spoken text, read by musician and voice actor Artie Q.

Below is a player with all the finished pieces.
Some of the pieces also have their own page (see sidebar to the right) with more background information.
There is also a video for "Relics XI - Serenity", made by Murat Sakarya.

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Provisional tracklist:
Relics I
Relics II-i
Relics III
Relics IV
Relics V
Relics VI
Relics II-ii
Relics VII
Relics VIII
Relics IX
Relics X
Relics II-iii
Relics XI
Relics XII
Relics XIII

free mp3 download

free mp3 download
those days are gone
on the edge of forever
rainbow's end
where memories turn to dust
sweet moment of surrender
voices of hope
elegy for an abandoned dream
moment of eternity
serenity (video)
distant thunder
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