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Genom Skyar

swedish version by Lo
in an arrangement by Blue Planet (Henning Backhaus)
with Mindmovie on guitar

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I met both Henning and Lo on MI7.
When I heard their beautiful collaboration “Spirit Warriors” over there, I asked them if they would like to collaborate again on the swedish version for the "On the wind" project.
I was very happy they both said yes, and I hope you will like the result as much as I do...
I am very thankful for their wonderful work on my song and I hope that this beautiful version will invite you to visit their websites and explore more of the music of these talented artists.
You will find the links below the song lyrics.
Henning also wrote a brand new arrangement for the english version of "On the wind" , for which Ann and I recorded new vocals: the
blue planet version

On march 29 2009 we replaced the original swedish version by a new one...
Mindmovie (who created the german version
“Mit Dem Wind”) got inspired by Henning’s work and provided us with some amazing guitar parts.
Henning made some slight changes to improve the arrangement with these new elements, and here it is....
You can read more about Mindmovie on the
Mid Dem Wind and Dreams Are Buried pages.
You can also watch the artwork I did for his wonderful cd
“An Ocean of Dreams”.
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Lo was born in Lund in the southern part of Sweden. For the last fifteen years or so she lives in Stockholm, Sweden.
She used to sing and play the guitar for her own pleasure until friends and relatives started encouraging her to try to get out and perform which she finally did about five years ago.
She was introduced to Jon Ben Berger, who with his great patience, warm but firm hand helped her to overcome her fear to stand in front of a mic.
"Passer By" is a result from his studio. Ready to record what they had already decided, they all of a sudden made this song instead. Along the way, Jair-Rohm Parker Wells kept an eye on Lo, ready to challenge her to go further, as soon as Jon and Lo had finished their project. The EP, produced by Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, will soon be finished.
Being a member of the Mi7 community, Lo met Uncle Steve and Henning Backhaus (Blue planet). Uncle Steve wrote the lyric "Spirit Warriors" and Henning Backhaus composed and arranged her vocal contribution. Three people living in three countries and working on totally different musical stuff. This is another exciting journey...

Lo told me that “Genom Skyar” actually means “Through The Skies”... close your eyes and let the song take you there...

Genom skyar, har du burits iväg
Du mötte lågorna till slut
Hettan, förtärde allt
Tog mitt hjärta och så min själ

Du är någonstans nu
Där du inte kan nås
Men i mina drömmar ekar dina sista ord
Jag visste aldrig att gryningens ljus,
kunde lysa så kallt, lysa så klart

Jag ville fly, blunda och gömma mig
Men hur jag än sprang fanns du med mig överallt
Jag minns alla ljuva stunder vi haft
Och din alltid lika öppna famn när jag ropade ditt namn

Genom skyar,
går din sista färd
Ur elden, in i annat ljus
Lågor, är ni min vän?
När jag står på tur, får vi mötas igen?
Hettan, förtärde allt
Tog mitt hjärta och ensam står jag kvar
Här i tårar

Swedish adaptation:
Musical arrangement, mix and mastering: Blue Planet (Henning Backhaus)
Guitar: Mindmovie
Swedish lyrics and vocals: Lo (Lotte Kivikas)

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Introduction by Henning

„Genom Skyar“ – my second arrangement of Jef´s song:
by following my steps for working out this second arrangement, it is important to know that I created before my first arrangement, which is also soon available here in the english version with the original lyrics of Jef and the great vocals of Ann van Canegem.
So my second arrangement is a variation of the first and I tried to create a more dramatic variation for the sound of Lo´s rougher voice. Also this arrangement has become a ballad, but with another instrumentation and rhythmic lines, combined with an intro and fading outro.

The basic Midi preparations of Jef ´s original version made it really easy to start up a new arrangement, my imagination was to find a way to a ballad, combined with rock and orchestral elements, and rhythmical supported by a natural drumset.
After importing Jef´s Midi tracks, I first had to erase all tempo changes during the interlude, and I used his piano track and fine printed score for analysing the basic harmonies.
Then by creating the lines of an electric bass, I decided to use some alterating accords, for uniting the bass lines in a more diatoned way with the harmonies, and later translating the bass movements to the bass drum. After recording a synthesizer basic track with all harmonies, I also erased Jef´s piano, starting my new instrumentation with several e-guitar sounds, synthesizers, e-piano and acoustic guitar, all based on the first tracks of bass, drums, and the dark harmony sound of the first synthesizer. Meanwhile I also received the well produced vocal tracks of Lo from Sweden and I started to import her complete stuff, deciding step by step which bars of her material will remain in the arrangement.
Anyway, combined with all instruments and Lo´s vocals, the arrangement was growing to over 40 tracks, and so I need several days to work out my mix. After a useful time distance, I listened again to the mix, making last improvements, and then finally started the mastering. Jef´s song „On The Wind“ is a really great song, that´s why I really liked to work out my arrangements and styles, and taking part on this international exciting music project.
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Henning's beautiful studio, and the inspirational view from his window...

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