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En El Viento

spanish arrangement by Guiem Soldevila

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When you listen to the music of Guiem Soldevila for the first time, you recognize immediately that this is an amazingly talented musician. The richness and emotion in his music, combined with virtuoso playing captures you from the beginning until the end.
I was very pleased and honored that Guiem, who I first met at mi7, was one of the first people who agreed to do a version for this project.

Guiem sings and played all instruments, and he tried to obtain a mixture of spanish and mediterranean style.
He told me the translation has not been easy because some words did not fit very well with the original melody, but he handled that very well.
The birds at the beginning are real, because the song was recorded in a countryhouse. It sounds quite charming...

I hope you all visit his website to check out his music and his amazing new album “Origins”.

En el viento te dejaste llevar
cuando al fin encontraste las llamas,
y el fuego, ardiendo en mi interior,
tomo mi corazón, arrasó mi alma.
Te fuiste muy lejos de aquí
y tu voz resuena en mis sueños,
nunca pensé que la luz del alba
podría ser tant fria y tan cálida a la vez.
Puedo esconderme, puedo correr,
pero sé que aunque lo hiciera seguirías en mi mente,
nunca pensé que la luz del alba
podría ser tan fria y tan pálida a la vez.
En el viento, tu último vuelo
desde el fuego hasta la blanca luz.
Fuego, serás mi compañero?
Nos encontraremos en el final?
En el viento te dejaste llevar
y me dejaste solo en lágrimas.

Spanish arrangement: Guiem Soldevila

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Guiem Soldevila
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