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Genom Skyar

instrumental version
by Mindmovie (Achim Wierschem) and Blue Planet (Henning Backhaus)

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I am very thankful for two people whose talent, friendship and support have been very important to the development of the “On The Wind - around the world” project: Blue Planet and Mindmovie.
Blue Planet (Henning Backhaus) was in charge of the
swedish version “Genom Skyar” (with Lo Kivikas) and for the Blue Planet version with the singer of the original version, Ann Van Canegem.
Mindmovie created the
german version “Mit Dem Wind” (with Sara England) and he played the solo guitar parts on “Genom Skyar”.
They have now come up with a powerful instrumental version, but it is better that I let Henning explain himself about the “making of” of this version....

You can read more about Mindmovie on the
Mid Dem Wind and Dreams Are Buried Here pages.
You can also watch the artwork I did for his wonderful cd
“An Ocean of Dreams”.
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„On The Wind“ Instrumental – my third (and last) arrangement of Jef´s song - featuring Mindmovie
At the beginning of this year, my friend Achim Wierschem (alias Mindmovie) had a special idea for an instrumental version of „On The Wind“. Achim created a plan to take part with his wonderful guitar playing in an new instrumental version, and also proposed to play the solo part in the vocal version „Genom Skyar“. The second idea could be realized very fast, and during March, he send me all his well produced guitar tracks for both versions.
The „Genom Skyar“ version had enough place for Achim´s Solo, getting a real good push in the middle and at the end by his fantastic guitar solo lines.

Finally I worked out the instrumental version, using all materials of Achim´s guitar tracks,
and also creating more and more an alternative arrangement, which clearly differs from the „Genom Skyar“ version. Without vocals I could dare a more experimental way, using sounds of the orchestral, rock and electronic world, and painting another sound picture.
I opened the new version with deep brass and timpani sounds during the intro, and Achim started his guitar lines like singing the first verse. After this part we changed in the rhythmical area, starting our rock roots with clear and hard drums in the background, and Achim was playing free double lines, far away from all vocal versions, in a picking manner, which sometimes remembers of the fabulous Eagles guitar styles. After the solo part, which is mainly identical with the „Genom Skyar“ version, I created a little orchestral part with clarinet and deep strings, only with ride cymbals in the background. Maybe this is a kind of a brake before the last firestorm starts. In this following part Achim played his second expressive guitar solo, which leads more and more to the beginning end, which I supported later with a special high synthesizer sound with equal lines. Finally this last sounds are fading in the reprise of the deep trombones, finding their fading end in a deep synthesizer sound, combined with another spaced sequenced electronic sound, and there are mysterious voices in the background, a whispering of a strange language from far away.

You can read more about Henning's music background on the "Blue Planet" page.

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Instrumental version credits:
Musical arrangement, mix and mastering: Blue Planet (Henning Backhaus)
Electric Guitar Magic: Mindmovie
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Introduction by Henning

„Genom Skyar“ – my second arrangement of Jef´s song:
by following my steps for working out this second arrangement, it is important to know that I created before my first arrangement, which is also soon available here in the english version with the original lyrics of Jef and the great vocals of Ann van Canegem.
So my second arrangement is a variation of the first and I tried to create a more dramatic variation for the sound of Lo´s rougher voice. Also this arrangement has become a ballad, but with another instrumentation and rhythmic lines, combined with an intro and fading outro.

The basic Midi preparations of Jef ´s original version made it really easy to start up a new arrangement, my imagination was to find a way to a ballad, combined with rock and orchestral elements, and rhythmical supported by a natural drumset.
After importing Jef´s Midi tracks, I first had to erase all tempo changes during the interlude, and I used his piano track and fine printed score for analysing the basic harmonies.
Then by creating the lines of an electric bass, I decided to use some alterating accords, for uniting the bass lines in a more diatoned way with the harmonies, and later translating the bass movements to the bass drum. After recording a synthesizer basic track with all harmonies, I also erased Jef´s piano, starting my new instrumentation with several e-guitar sounds, synthesizers, e-piano and acoustic guitar, all based on the first tracks of bass, drums, and the dark harmony sound of the first synthesizer. Meanwhile I also received the well produced vocal tracks of Lo from Sweden and I started to import her complete stuff, deciding step by step which bars of her material will remain in the arrangement.
Anyway, combined with all instruments and Lo´s vocals, the arrangement was growing to over 40 tracks, and so I need several days to work out my mix. After a useful time distance, I listened again to the mix, making last improvements, and then finally started the mastering. Jef´s song „On The Wind“ is a really great song, that´s why I really liked to work out my arrangements and styles, and taking part on this international exciting music project.
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The mix of the instrumental version.

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A nice view on the Alps from Henning's home.

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