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Mit Dem Wind - german version

german arrangement by Mindmovie
with vocals by Sara England

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The first localised version of the song I received was "Mit dem Wind", the german version by Mindmovie (Achim Wierschem), and sung by the wonderful Sara England.
I like this german version very much, because it is so different from the original english version, but still remains really true to the feelings expressed in the song.
Besides the musical treatment, I like the free translation of the lyrics very much. I understand some basic german, at least enough to understand how beautiful Achim has done the translation. I advise everyone to open the lyrics panel and try to understand the german words. The ending is so sad and emotionally sung by Sara:

“Feuer brennt so lodernd heiß
und mein Herz, gefriert zu Eis
Bin alleine...”

I think everybody can relate to that feeling when a true love is lost.

This is what Achim told me about the making of the song:

"I sat down and wrote the lyrics, it is as you may realise not a word to word translation but still close enough to have the same story and feeling as the english original.
Then I mounted Sara's vocals over your midi backing and told myself that it would find it boring to have two times the exactly same backing (english and german version) just different vocals.
So I first ruined your beautiful piano by putting a weird effect on it and deleting many notes you have played.
After that I created a hollywood string sound using Spectrasonics atmosphere Copied this sound again to a different track and took a sound out of hypersonic to put some more movement into the string sound (not very loud but really interesting). Than I added some simple percusssions using Stylus RMX my favourite drummer. After that I had a word with your midi cello and changed it into a mixture of flute, whistling and french horn sound.”

Mit dem Wind
Ziehst du davon
gehst dahin im Flammenmeer
Feuer brennt so lodernd heiß
und mein Herz, gefriert zu Eis

Du bist fort
in eine andr’e Welt
Und dein letzter Gruß
verweht am Himmelszelt
Nie wusste ich das Morgenlicht
So kalt mir in die Seele sticht

Ich laufe weg
verberge mich
was immer ich auch tu
vergessen kann ich nicht
Die Zeit mit Dir hier Jahr um Jahr
All Dein Trost wenn ich mal traurig war

Auf dem Wind
und außer Sicht
Dein letzter Flug
In’s helle Licht
Das Feuer brennt ich bin allein,
doch am Ende werd’ ich bei Dir sein
Feuer brennt so lodernd heiß
und mein Herz, gefriert zu Eis
Bin alleine...

German adaptation: Achim Wierschem (Mindmovie)
Vocals: Sara England

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