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Duisternis Of Licht

dutch remix arrangement by Subliminal
featuring Diana Warkor (vocals) and Deryn Cullen (cello)

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Subliminal is one of the talented people I met on MI7, and I always have been fond of his work.
Who can better tell you about this version than Subliminal in his own words:

"It seems ages ago when Jef offered me the chance to remix one of his very fine songs, but actually it has only been half a year ago. Still it took me awfully long before I really started working on it, for which I offer him my sincerest apologies. At the time I was listening to Neither Speak Nor Remain Silent from Fovea Hex and I thought that Vuur, the dutch adaptation of On The Wind, would be the right song to try something in that direction. In spite of the fact that dutch is my native tongue (well, not exactly, but close enough), I have never been a big fan of the dutch language, especially when used in music. But the lyrics for Vuur resonated with me and Diana has a very beautiful voice, so remixing this song was an easy choice to make.
By the time I actually started working on the remix I had forgotten all about my initial plans of giving the remix a Fovea Hex treatment. I would probably not have been able to do it anyway. I decided to stay closer to the original than I normally do when remixing a song, because I felt that it would suit the nature of the project better. I used the vocals, piano and cello from the original and added a bit of percussion from Independence Free and Absynth. I decided to bring the tempo of the middle part down to that of the rest of the song and to leave out the cello in that part of the song. I also used this middle part, this time including the cello, to create an ambient intro to the song. For that I used Paul's Extreme Sound Stretch tool to time-stretch the vocals and cello and a standard algorithm from Cubase to do the same for the piano. The imperfection of this last treatment was a deliberate choice. Towards the end I added Jef's (only slightly slower) piano to make the transition to the actual song a bit smoother. In the song I used both piano takes Jef had sent me, feeding one through a reverb from Reaktor and the other one through an effect from the Kore Player (probably from the Compilation Vol. 1 Kore Pack), making the piano parts sound more like synth pads.
I hope that the beauty of the original still shines through this remix, but that the remix itself offers enough new and interesting elements to justify its existence."

Met de wind
Vloog je heen
De vlammen namen
Je met zich mee
Vuur, brandt zo diep
Nam mijn hart
Schroeide mijn ziel

Nu ben je weg
Veel te ver van hier
Ik hoor je stem nog
Of was dat terwijl ik sliep?
Ik wist niet dat het ochtendlicht
Zo koud kon zijn
Zo hard op mijn gezicht

Ik zou willen rennen
Heb geen idee waarheen
Wat ik ook doe
Mijn gedachten nemen je mee
Ik hoor je lach nog
Als uit een verre tijd
Je was nog aan mijn zij

Met de wind
Je laatste vlucht
Brachten de vlammen
Duisternis of licht?
Vuur, weet jij waarheen?
Eens zien we elkaar weer
Vuur, je brandt zo diep
Nam mijn hart
Liet mij alleen

Dutch adaptation: Diana Warkor & Jef De Corte
Remixed by Subliminal
Vocals: Diana Warkor
Cello: Deryn Cullen

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