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On The Wind - Blue Planet version

the original english version in an arrangement by Blue Planet (Henning Backhaus)
with vocals by Ann Van Canegem

When Henning Backhaus (Blue Planet) started working on the swedish version with Lo, he made his first draft on the original english vocals with Ann.
Ann and I were both so charmed by his arrangement that we decided that this could become a very beautiful new english version.
We recorded new vocals for this arrangement, and recorded also a lot of backing vocals and improvisations. The arrangement by Henning proved very inspiring and Ann and I had immediately the same feeling on the approach for the vocals. It was sheer pleasure to work on.
Then we sent all the material to Henning along with some rough ideas. Henning performed all his magic on this and this is the result...
We hope you will enjoy this new version!

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Introduction by Henning

Originally this was my first arrangement of this beautiful song.
When Jef asked me to take part in this project, I already knew his original song with the great vocals of Ann van Canegem. This song stucks in my heart from the beginning, and I started reflecting about my version, prefering a way to a slow and groovy ballad.

After importing all Midi tracks of the original arrangement, combined with the printed score (all very well prepared), I had to fix up a straight tempo for using a natural drumset tool, and therefore erasing the tempo changes of the original.
After muting all original tracks except the piano, I started to test several rhythmical lines for the drumset and the bass, only playing with Jef´s piano and the click in different directions.
Finally I also had to mute the original piano and created a harmony track with one of my most prefered synthesizer sounds, called „darksound“ (Korg M-1 / Wavestation), with a magic space and room ambience, a perfect sound for creating the basic harmony structure.
I decided to create some further movements of the harmonies, using some alterating accords for uniting the bass lines in a more diatoned way with the harmonies, and then later translating the bass movements to the bass drum.
After working out the drum lines including a fast Hi-Hat play with a shuffle influence, I started to play with a lot of different guitar sounds, mainly supporting the drum movements, and building up several groove figures.
That was the time, when I asked Jef to send me the original vocal track of Ann, cause I knew it would be better to continue with her original vocals and create a more complete picture of the growing arrangement. After importing Ann´s voice I had found this imagination very fast, and built up the arrangement with a lot of instruments.
Then I sent a first rough mix to Jef, and he liked it very much, also sending the version to Ann, and both decided to record new vocal tracks, basing now on the new arrangement.
After getting and importing the new recordings here (a lot of vocal tracks), I had to chose out the best vocal material, which was not so easy, cause there were a lot of good vocal takes, and therefore difficult decisions. But finally I took the best, observing the main lines and the character of all, a lonely process and good to fell decisions with time (and ear) distance.
Anyway, the version has become the sensitivy that we all intended for finding the real musical emotions for this beautiful sad song, which is now the the english version of „On The Wind“.
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My musical background

During the seventies I learned classical piano and later I played as a keyboardist in several rockbands in the Southwest of Germany. In the middle of the eighties my interest for studio productions was growing more and more, and after getting first orders, I composed a lot of music for film and promotion projects. In this time I often had to change the places with my little analog studio, working mostly with synthesizers and multitrack recorders, often together with a lot of crazy people.
During the nineties I was married with my Atari computer, all productions were based on a hybrid system of digital and analog components.
I also started with song productions for other artists and became membership in the german Gema, also continuing with commercial media projects, more and more with publishers for earning my money. After the beginning of the millenium I changed my place again,
coming in the South East of Germany (Bavaria), and living together with my wife deeply in the country, surrounded of beautiful untouched nature and magic silence. My nowadays working place is integrated in our house and my musical activity is divided in two directions: the commercial working that I have to do, and the free musical projects that I love to do.

On the wind
You’ve flown away
When you finally met the flames
The fire, it burned so deep
Took my heart, scorched my soul

Now you’re gone
Far beyond our reach
While your last farewells
Still echo in my dreams
I never knew that morning light
Could be so cold, yet shine so bright

I could run
I could hide
But whatever I do
You would be on my mind
Think of all the good times we had
Your sweet comfort when I was sad

On the wind
Your final flight
From the fire
Into the light
Fire, will you be my friend?
Will we meet again
In the end?
Fire, you burn so deep
Took my heart
Left me alone, in tears…

Original music and lyrics: Jef De Corte
Vocals: Ann Van Canegem
New musical arrangement, mix and mastering: Blue Planet (Henning Backhaus)

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