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On The Wind Around The World

"On The Wind" is one of the songs of my Songs of Love and Loss project and the very first song I recorded with Ann Van Canegem .

The song is about the feelings of loss and loneliness of a person who has just attended the cremation of a dear friend or partner, saying goodbye to the ashes blowing on the wind...

I am now inviting talented musicians from all over the world to create their personal arrangement of this song and to translate and sing the lyrics in their own language.
I am more interested in the personal style of the musicians than in sounding like the local folk music. The personal interpretation is very important and I would also like to end up with very different versions in the end. That is why I leave musicians the maximum amount of freedom in their treatment of the song.
For example, in some cultures cremation is not allowed, but still I think it would be possible to change the lyrics in a way that the feelings of loss and sorrow for the deceased remain.

I chose this song for various reasons:
First of all it is a fairly simple song, which makes it easier for other people to have their own way with adding arrangements and other instruments.
The feelings of sadness, loneliness and loss expressed in the song are universal and. The different versions of the song will show the wonderful richness of our different cultures and languages, and at the same time reveal that deep within we are all the same humans, despite our differences. At least, that is what I hope.
Like the ashes of a loved one are blowing on the wind around the world, I hope this song will go around the world in many versions, and touch people's hearts and minds...

This is a long term project.
Finding the right people for this project is not always easy, and often requires a lot of searching and researching until you finally find someone who is ideal and would like to participate.
Talented musicians are most of the time quite busy and have other commitments before they can start thinking about their arrangement.
During the first months I have learned that key-elements in succeeding this projects are patience and perseverance.
So when someone tells me he or she would like to participate, but can only start within a few months, that is ok by me, as long as I can be assured that the commitment is real.

What will happen to the music in the end?
I would like very much to release this project on CD in the end, that is if we can overcome all the legal issues that are involved in a project with so many people from a lot of countries.
The aim of the project is not to make money, but to bring people closer together through music, explore each other's culture and get more exposure for the participating musicians.
I think a good solution would be to donate future profits to a non-profit organization.

On the sidebar to the right you can find the adaptations that are already finished.
You will also find links to the collaboration musician’s websites and I invite you to go and explore more of their music.

More versions are in the making and will be added on a regular basis.

If you are a musician or lyricist and want to participate feel free to contact me
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