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Hembusan Bayu

Malaysian version by Evawanialisza Mohammad & The Music Mates ensemble

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I met Eva on Facebook via my friend Robin. She asked me if she and her music students could play and perform part 1 of my Dreams Are Buried project. Of course I agreed and since they did so well I invited them to create a Malaysian version for the "On The Wind Around The World" project.
I am very thankful to them from taking the song finally really "around the world".

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Hembusan bayu
Kau menyapaku
Dan marak, membara
Api…kau musnahkan kasihku
Merenggut jantungku
Merentap jiwaku

Kini kau pergi
Jauh dari ku
Kenangan bersama,
Mekar mengimbau mimpiku

Tak ku menduga
Sinaran pagi
Dingin membeku
Terang menyinari

Ku mampu berlari
Kumampu bersembunyi
Apa yang ku lakukan
Kau tetap di ingatan
Detik indah
Antara kita
Dan pujuk manjamu
Masa ku berduka

Hembusan Bayu
Akhiri destinasiku
Api yang marak
Membakar kenanganku

Api..kau jadilah temanku
Agar dapat bertemu
Kekasih yang kurindu

Api…kau membakar hidupku
Merampas jatungku
Menghanyut hatiku
Pilu sendiri…..

Malaysian adaptation: Evawanialisza Mohammad
Vocals: Farisha Asmadi
Guitar: Hasif Sham, Tariq Tahir, Harith Nadzmi
Keyboard: Farez Asmadi
Flute: Nadzirah Hamid
Violin: Wan Muzammil
Angklung: Quratu and Irzam

Evawanialisza Mohammad about the collaboration on this project:

I am a music teacher. have been a music teacher since 1991. Degree and M.A at University Putra Malaysia majoring in music. I love music since I was a kid and learnt to play piano since I am 10 years old. I love music so much and I opened a music club and class at my school SMK Bandar Baru Slak TInggi, Sepang, Selangor, Malaysia since 2004 when I moved over there.
My music group started with recorder ensemble group and mostly traditional music such as gamelan and caklempong group. Since the group was so active and the students really gave full commitment and co-operation, I decided to have a small music ensemble group include angklung, guitar, keyboard, flute and what ever musical instruments that could suit the music that we perform.

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"The Music Mates"
I like to make something different as our trade mark for the group. A lot of performances have been done since the ensemble group have been created. "The Music Mates" was the music ensemble group that joined the On The wind project.
The singer is Farisha Asmadi and she was also a teenager singer in Malaysia.
My guitarists are the talented Hasif Sham, Tariq Tahir, Harith Nadzmi and my keyboard player is Farez Asmadi, the brother of the singer.
Others are the flutiest Nadzirah Hamid, the born talented violinist Wan Muzammil and the angklung was played by Quratu and Irzam.
In the live performance the angklung is played by a larger group.

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Angklung is one of our traditional musical instruments and it brings a traditional Malaysian flavor to the song.
I hope to get my music group known by many people in my country and hopefully one day … all over the world.
I have worked hard for such a long time to build my school music group and we were happy to be invited to this project. I also want my students to be proud of their talent and achieve more than just perform around the school only.
The music in the song was not changed much but with our own musical instruments we gave it a personal and local touch.
The video was produced by my music club students themselves.

If you want to learn more about the angklung, here is the link to Wikipedia.

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