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On this page I will add some improvisations from time to time, mostly on piano.
These are recorded in the spur of the moment, and may contain some errors and flaws, but that is part of their charm I guess.
Nevertheless, I hope you will enjoy them.

Like with the Relics Origins pieces these may become a base for future compositions.
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Improvisation on Alica's piano #1

In 2010 Natives Instruments have released a beautiful piano, deep sampled from Alicia Keys' Yamaha C3 Neo Grand Piano. I really fell in love with its wonderful and delicate sound. When I started playing around with it this piece emerged.
This is recorded in one take, no rehearsals, no edits.

You can read more about the Alica's Keys product at the NI website.

Improvisation on Alica's piano #2

Another short piece on the same piano.
Recorded in one take, no rehearsals, no edits.

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