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“Slowly Kissing You Goodbye” - orchestration of the song by Artie Q

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A couple of months ago, Robin sent me this song, asking if I would like to write a new intro for it.
I immediately fell in love with this song and after some time I started working on the intro.
However, I got carried away and also wrote more orchestral parts for the verses and refrain.
I wrote a slightly different reprise of the intro at the ending, because I thought it brought the song full circle. When Robin added his spoken text it sounded like everything with this song fell into place.
“Slowly Kissing You Goodbye” is definitely one of my favorite Artie Q songs, and not just because I collaborated on it. Robin has the rare gift to write endearing lyrics about true emotions, without getting cheesy or melodramatic.
I hope I did this beautiful song justice and I am very grateful to Robin to let me be a part of this...

On his myspace blog, you can read what he has to say about it:

About six months ago, I posted quite a different version of this song. 

At the time, a Myspace friend commented that he was bored with my overuse of the same preset keyboard sounds from a software program called Reason. From time to time, some comments stop you dead in your tracks, and this one did. He was right; I think I rationalised it away by responding that I didn't care much about keyboard sounds but the quality of the original idea was what was more important, blah, blah, tickedy-blah ... Hmm ... DeNile ... a river in Egypt? ;)

For about twenty years now, my time in America has helped me focus my relationship with my folks; it felt like my time away was preparing me for the inevitable ... like I was slowly kissing them goodbye. Twenty years after I embarked on what I thought was going to be a "Fortnight in Hollywood" became a "Lifetime in LA," the topic of the song has became meaningful again, but in a more immediate fashion.

OK, back to those dang keyboard presets ... I ain't much of a musician, and thought something delicate & ornate would be a wonderful replacement to my ham fisted elbow style of keyboard playing ... of course (and though I have an arsenal of my "go to guys") there was only one man for this job, from a land where they claim that their chocolate is one by which all others are measured ... well, I've got news for you Belgian Dudes, English GREEN & BLACK's Organic can give you more than a run for your money. See! How d'ya like them apples! Mmm, ok where was I? Oh yeah, my man MR. AERONAUT was/is the only man for the job. Thank you for your beautiful touch, Jef.

Without further thermagulations, I give you Artie Q Grooving To The Sexy & Melancholy Orchestrations Of Aeronaut. "Slowly Kissing You Goodbye."

No amount of "I Love You's" today,
Can replace the love not given
To the child of yesterday ...
Hey ma, I love you, anyway.

Now, on the phone
And so many miles away,
Over time I can feel you slip away,
Not ready for that fight ...
I just don't want you to go.

Like I'm kissing you ...
Dah dah dah dah,
slowly kissing you goodbye

So, I sat down with the girl
You used to be,
Telling tales of a family lost at sea,
A child not heard but seen,
I wish they'd been there for you

Like I'm kissing you ...
Dah dah dah dah, slowly
kissing you goodbye

Do you remember ...?
You & I down the Champs Elysee
Do you remember ...?
25 years later, somewhere in LA.
Do you remember ...?
The little boy I was ...
The apple of his mother's eye ...
Gone in the blink of an eye ...
Like I'm kissing you goodbye ...

Dah dah dah dah,
Slowly kissing you goodbye, etc.

You went to sleep on a sunny day
The sounds of children filled the air
Took you to a childhood you never had
Into a dream from which you never woke
I’ll always love you...

Orchestral arrangement: Jef De Corte
Original composition & lyrics: Artie Q
Guitars: Laurence Whiteley

Artie Q:
website, myspace page
Laurence Whiteley:
website, nottherollingstones

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