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“Falling Leaves” - fantasia on a piano theme by Simon Husberg

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I first met swedish musician/composer Simon Husberg on MI7.
I was charmed by his piano pieces and especially by "Falling Leaves". For the moment he has no means to edit his recordings and so they sound more like diamonds in the rough.
He asked me if I would do an orchestration based on this piece and because it really inspired me I agreed to give it a try.
I started with cleaning up and re-arranging the midi piano track he sent me.
The music and the image of the falling leaves inspired me to approach this as a dance.
I added more melodies to intertwine with the main themes and I also wanted to start with a gentle breeze and end in a dramatic whirlpool of melodies.
I hope I have succeeded and that you will all enjoy these falling leaves in springtime...
I also hope that this will inspire you to pay Simon a visit and listen to the original piano piece and more of his music on myspace.

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Orchestral arrangement and additional composing: Jef De Corte
Original piano composition: Simon Husberg

Simon’s myspace page

On the right: Simons cover art for the original piano piece.
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