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“Chislehurst Rose” - orchestration of the song by Artie Q

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For the regular visitor of my website and myspace page, the name Artie Q (Robin Thomas Quinn) will certainly ring a bell.
In the past I have worked with Robin on “Dreams Are Buried Here”, he is the guy who did the voice-overs and he wrote part 3: “Falling”.
A couple of months ago he sent me an mp3 of Chislehurst Rose, a pop song he recorded with a band a long time ago.
He asked me if i could write a new arrangement for the song, in my own style.
I analysed the audio file and started with recreating a simple piano chord structure in midi. I then transposed the whole piece one note down. Robin had sent me new vocals that were recorded lower, because his voice has changed since the time he recorded the first version of the song.
From that point I started writing the parts for the strings, woodwinds and percussion.
Not really used to this kind of work it took me quite some effort, sweat and time.
When the arrangement was more or less finished, I sent it back to Robin to record the final vocals.
After trying some different mixes we finally decided on the version we liked best and here it is...
I was very honoured to work this beautiful song and I hope that you will enjoy listening to it.

This is what Robin has to say about the background of the song:
“For many years it has bothered me how pop songs have overused and devalued the phrase "I love you." It is such an easy term to throw into a song for the lack of being able to come up with an original thought. In fact, in general, words are too easy to come by, but the truth often lies with the action behind the words: "Words alone won't satisfy." Imagine only ever telling your child "I love you," but never actually holding, hugging or caressing him/her. Hmm ... If you want the truth, watch what people do, not what they say. Actions rarely lie.
Oh yeah, there are two truths, here: I wanted to see how many times I could write "I love you" in a song, and, I am ... the Chislehurst Rose, here. (The song is sung from a Mother's point of view, about the love for her son.)”

You can say just what you please,
words alone won't satisfy
Need to show you what they're made of,
need to prove that they don't lie.

I'll always love you

We are just stones on the beach, together, so lonely
Current push love out of reach,
with these words I'm swimming home.

I'll always love you

Sometimes things need not be said,
A) when clear and B) when hollow
So be sure if time runs out,
they'll be there for you tomorrow.

I'll always love you.
Ooh, Chislehurst Rose,
I love yo. Lah, lah, lah, etc

Orchestral arrangement: Jef De Corte
Original composition & lyrics: Artie Q

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